Welcome to Midnight Runners Kennel!

Located in Northeastern Ohio, we are dedicated to breeding AKC Newfoundland dogs, and Norwegian elkhounds. We encourage you to learn more about these gentle, loving breeds. Perhaps you’ll come to love these dogs as much as we do!

–Lisa Martens, AKC Breeder of Merit, Midnight Runners Kennel

Newfoundlands and Norwegian elkhounds

My passion for dogs and animals in general began when I was a child. I bought my first Norwegian thirty-eight years ago.  I take pride in the fact of having vast knowledge of both breeds. Though each are very different, the love and commitment they give their owners is the same. Here at Midnight Runners, I consider myself to be a small hobbyist breeder, focusing on quality, not quantity. I welcome visitors by appointment.

Gentle Giants & Moose Dogs

It’s true. Our dogs are gentle giants: Newfoundlands are great with kids and families, but for those who don’t know, they’ll think twice about risking the ire of a big dog. With a minimum of 120 lbs. and a maximum size of 150 lbs., Newfoundlands are large, huggable, smart, and loyal. With the Norwegian elkhound, most people are unaware they are just as lovable, but give off the same impression as a Newf, not with their size, but with their intense stance and confident nature.  Yes, both breeds bark!